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Glock Front Sight

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  • Some Glock slides are thinner at the front sight hole, and the sight's mounting post may protrude.  This causes the set screw to tighten against the sight instead of the slide.  To correct this, file some material off the bottom of the post (indicated in silver) so that the post sits below flush.
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Product Description

All of our front sights feature 40lpi serrations to provide crisp visual focus and glare reduction.  Finished in black QPQ salt bath nitrocarburizing (aka Melonite, same as the Glock slide).

  • Available in:
    • Tritium insert, .075" green with silver vial, no white outline
    • Brass bead insert, .075" with polished domed face
    • Fiber optic (.060" rod with .075" diameter on blade face).  Fiber optic comes with 1 each red and green fiber rods.
  • Fits: ALL Glock models, all calibers, all frame sizes, all slide sizes.  
    • Glock 42 is the only model with a unique slide.  Sights are in development.
    • Compatible with .250" blade height rear sights.  NOT compatible with Glock factory rear sights, fixed or adjustable.
  • Height: .215", .235" and .250"
    • Most Glock models, including large frame 20/21 most commonly use the .215" front.
    • Glock 34/35, 41, 17L, 24L most commonly uses the .235" front. Sights do not overhang slide cutout.
    • The .235" front lowers impact approximately 2-3" at 25 yards relative to the .215" front.
    • The .250" front lowers impact approximately 3-5" at 25 yards relative to the .215" front.
    • Please note that different guns will vary in regards to point of impact, especially with differing shooter preference. 
  • Width: .125", .115", and .100"
    • Blade width is strictly personal preference.  Thinner fronts cover less of the target area and are preferred for speed.  Thicker blades like the .125" are preferred for improved accuracy and are our most popular.

All sights include set screw.

**Our front sight posts are made to maximum dimensions for a tight fit in your slide.  However, due to extremely wide variation in the mounting holes in the Glock slides, our posts are sometimes oversized.  If a gentle tap with a nonmarring hammer does not seat the sight, file just a little off the outside with a diamond hone and try again.  


Read our article about sight selection.


Please contact us for a discounted price on additional front sights if your initial purchase does not provide the desired point of impact.

Product Videos

Glock Sight Install (04:24)
10-8 Performance Glock Sight Installation
  • Glock Sight In...
    10-8 Performance Glock Sight Installation
  • Fiber Optic In...

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Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent Sights!

    Posted by Ryan Weber on 20th Dec 2014

    I love these sights on my G34. The brass bead isn't distracting and ideal for quick precision shots. I think it's the perfect balance between blacked out and FO front. I have Trijicon HD's, and XS Bigdots on some of my other defense Glocks, but I like these a bit more for quick acquisition target shooting. I went with the recommended height for G34's (.235 front) and it's right on. Highly recommend. Thanks 10-8!

  2. Glock Front Sight W/ Brass Bead

    Posted by W. Stringer on 21st Nov 2014

    I just finished installing the front sight on my G-17. It looks great and I pick up the front sight real fast. For me it seems I'm attracted to the bead faster then other types. It reflects light great making the front sight jump out at you.
    As for the install. Went right in. No modifications needed. Great sight.

  3. Just what I wanted.

    Posted by Randy on 21st Nov 2014

    Being that I'm 51 and eye sight is so so I read a lot of the reviews and decided to go with the 156 rear and .125 / 215 for the front on a Glock 19. The sites were perfectly for me!

  4. Once you try them... You will never go back.

    Posted by Steve O on 7th Nov 2014

    Sighting options are an immensely personal choice. It is difficult to get "over the hump" to actually change sights as an experiment. However, once you try the 10-8 sights, you will never go back to whatever you had before. The .100W X .250 height solved my G34 vertical POI issue. I now shoot POA to POI at 30yds with a 147gr bullet.

  5. Exceeded expections.

    Posted by David Poe on 7th Nov 2014

    Full disclosure: I'm just a big fan of the way 10-8 does things that is probably love anything I buy from them. That being said, these fiber optic front sights really are incredible.

    I have used a few other fiber optic front front sights before (Dawson, Warren, etc) and they've all been adequate. The 10-8s are a step above. The sight allows for a longer fiber optic rod which gathers more light. These things are bright. Even with the end I melted/charred trying to get a good bead on the rod, the sight glows brighter than any of the aforementioned sights I've used.

    Simply put, these sights are robust, and if you take the time to install them correctly (there's a really great video somewhere on this website) you will have no reason for concern over the durability of the fiber optic rod.

  6. Clear sight picture

    Posted by Chris from SMC Tactical NC on 23rd Oct 2014

    I'm a firearms instructor and shoot 3-4 days a week. I shoot my carry gun for classes as well as matches. My old sights were match type fiber optic sights and rusted quickly as well as had very little low light capability. I was concerned that the 10-8 night sight would be too wide for speed (usually go with .115 width front sights) but I have been very happy with them. Smacking steel plates at 100 yards all week.

  7. Can't Go Wrong

    Posted by Jim Swanson on 20th Sep 2014

    If you take the time to read and accept the recommendations on the 10-8 Performance website relative to front sight selection, you can't go wrong. I have 10-8 Performance sights on a Glock 21 and a Lone Wolf 6" 10mm conversion slide and they both are zeroed perfectly. The quality is great and delivery is fast. Nothing more I can say.

  8. Top notch product.

    Posted by Aaron Lonergan on 14th Sep 2014

    The installation of this sight is extremely easy, especially with their nut driver. They provide two fiber optic sticks; one green and one red. Each one is easily long enough to replace the fiber 3, maybe 4 times. The sight picture is nice and crisp with nice sharp edges - but it doesn't dig into your leather holster or snag. The serrations kill the glare. The fiber glows nice and bright. Combined with 10-8's U-Notch rear sight you'll have an extremely fast and crisp sight picture. The front and rear sights are easily the best on the market.

  9. The Champagne of Sights

    Posted by Rachel Kreps on 16th Jul 2014


  10. Outstanding Product

    Posted by Eric P. on 10th Jun 2014

    I really like 10-8 sights. I have them on my Glock 17. I find they are outstanding at quick target acquisition and they are well designed and built. My only complaint is the matching rear sight is so popular they are out of stock everywhere!

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