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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you provide gunsmithing services?

Please note that we do not provide gunsmithing services of any type.  If you are looking for custom 1911 work and sight installs, we recommend Jim Milks (formerly of EGW) at Innovative Custom Guns.  For work on polymer pistols such as the Glock, we recommend Boresight Solutions.


What height are my sights?

We really don't know for sure. It is not possible for us to keep track of what sight heights are used by every manufacturer on each of their models.  The only way to be 100% sure what you have is to measure the sights on YOUR gun.  If you do not own calipers or know how to measure them, you local gunshop or smith should be able to help.  


What height should I use on my gun?

As above, it is impossible for us to predict what you have going on with your particular gun.  Please review the product page for your desired sight, as each product's page has detailed information regarding sight heights for that platform.  If you still need some help getting set up properly, we would need to know your existing front and rear sight heights as well as the relationship between point of impact and point of aim at 25 yards.  Sighting in at 7-10 yards is unfortunately not a sufficient measure.


Do your sights fit my (fill in pistol here)?

Our website has extremely comprehensive resources to determine compatibility with your pistol.   Please check the Sights page for information.  If your weapon platform is not listed, we do not currently make sights for it.  If your 1911 is not listed on a particular product page, it may be best to consult the manufacturer to see what dovetail dimensions they use as we are not able to keep track of what all the different manufacturers use.  Please keep in mind that it is not typically possible to modify one type of sight to fit in another pistol.


Which of your front/rear sights work with other manufacturer's sights?

It is impossible for us to keep track of sight dimensions of other manufacturers.  Each of the pages for our sights describes their dimensions and with what front/rear dimension they will work.  Feel free to mix and match, but you will do best to contact the manufacturer of the other brand to check on their dimensions.


Will your parts drop into my 1911?

The only parts on a 1911 that we are reasonably confident will drop into your gun are the grip screws. Keep in mind that 100 years of production by countless manufacturers has resulted in wide variations in dimensions. If you are not confident in the installation of your new parts, we highly recommend that you take them to a qualified gunsmith for assistance.


Can you please change or add items to my order?

Thanks for your order!  Our webstore uses an automated checkout system and your card is charged once you complete your order.  PLEASE BE CERTAIN that you have ordered what you want and that you want to proceed.  We cannot modify your order (adding or exchanging items) once it has been processed, and additional processing fees will be incurred if we need to cancel your unfilled order.


Do you have more of a discontinued item that can buy?

Sorry, no. We deplete the stock and then discontinue the item, so there are no more left no matter how nicely you ask.