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Brass Bead Front Sights, 2016 update


Due to continuing production constraints, we are no longer able to offer our brass bead front sights. Because folks have and will continue to ask, we do not have any left over inventory to sell. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We would suggest you give our fiber optic front sights a try. They have always been our leading seller for front sights. 

Thank you!

Sight Compatibility - Trijicon HD, etc

We get countless emails every day about whether or not our various sights are compatible with the Trijicon HD and other brands. We go to great pains to include information on each of our product pages about what dimensions are required for compatibility with our front or rear sights. We obviously prefer that you use both [...]

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M&P Mag Wells and Sights, some thoughts

Our M&P rear sights and M&P mag well are some of our top selling items, but we are fully aware that some customers do not have the same experience with them as others. We stand by our designs, and prefer not to point fingers or cast blame, but we are of course at the mercy [...]

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Stock Notification Email Button!!!

Our webstore software now has a feature which allows customers to enter their email in order to be notified when an out of stock item is available! You'll see a bright green "NOTIFY ME" button on any page for an item which is out of stock. Please note that products with multiple options will not [...]

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