Since maintenance of the 1911 is so critical, I though I'd share some of the tools that I consider to be essential in the kit of every squared away 1911 guy. Each of these items is listed with the Brownells part number, so you can order right from

**The below listed tools are also required for students of the 10-8 1911 Duty Tune Class.**

827-525-780 PIN PUNCH, 1/16" 
827-525-790 PIN PUNCH, 3/32" 
-For removing the various pins.

234-400-009 DEWEY #9-LB 9" LOOP PISTOL ROD
-For general cleaning needs.

084-401-121 BB-1 BRONZE BORE BRUSH 22 PISTOL, Pkg 3
-For cleaning the extractor tunnel.

084-450-030 22/250-30/06 BRNZ CHAMBER BRUSH, PKG 3
-For cleaning the bore and chamber, better than the standard short pistol brush.

-You shouldn't need one of these, but everyone's gun is not set up the same.

566-100-045 MAG-204 .45 MAG BRUSH
-Keep your mags and mag well clean.

-This is the best tool for the mainspring housing pin, and saves a lot of headache.

818-600-100 1" NYLON/BRASS HAMMER
-A great utility tool.

080-753-000 Slide rail file
-A very handy file that has one side with a safe edge and flats that cut, and the other side has safe flats and and edge that cuts. Good utility file for the tool kit on the go. Even if you are not smithing, you may need to dress burrs and dings on parts.

#2 Cut, 8" Standard Pillar File 
-Your work horse file for every task on the bench.

657-110-320 E-Z Flex Metalite Cloth Roll, 10 yd X 1", 320 Grit
-Good all around grit to have for deburring and polishing.

532-242-006 #242 Blue Loctite
-For the rear sight set screw and the grip screws.

080-000-023 "Designated Driver" compact screwdriver kit
-The compact handle has four holes which accept all Brownells Magnatip 1/4" hex drive bits, so you can customize it to your needs.

You will also want to include a few pipe cleaners and cotton swabs for general cleaning, as well as you favorite solvent and lube.