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Photos courtesy Logan Fowler and Triple Bravo (DMG).


The last few years, we have made a few runs of 6 identical custom M&Ps, some of which are pictured here.  Each of the 2013 runs sold out in less than 15 minutes.  We will not be making limited runs this year, but rather there will be smaller projects featuring 1-2 pistols. These projects will vary in their feature set, and are not being produced on any set schedule.  You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the most current updates on what is being built.


Here are the projects currently pending completion in the shop:


From Left: 14C build, circa 2010 vintage Boresight Solutions 10-8 package, 2013 SHOT demo "Alpha" build, Hilton's USPSA Production gun with updates pending.

**Stay tuned for more details on each build.  

**The "Alpha" build and Boresight 10-8 both posted for sale on 02/02/14 via our email newsletter and are SOLD.  The 14C recently sold.  The USPSA Production gun and some others are still in process, no updates available.




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Some of the typical features of our 10-8 M&P builds:

  • Custom slide machining by ATEi
    • Full top serrations
    • Front side serrations
    • 10-8 Logo
  • Trigger components upgrade with Apex parts
  • Slide refinished in black QPQ salt bath nitrocarburizing, equivalent to factory finish
  • Apex Failure Resistant Extractor
  • 10-8 Performance rear sight (.140" U notch) and front sight (.160" tall, .115" wide fiber optic with red insert)
  • 10-8 Performance magazine base pads
  • Enhancement and Reliability work, personally performed by Hilton Yam
    • Trigger job, ~5.5lb, tuned for pretravel/break weight/overtravel
    • Polish feed ramp
    • Finish ream and polish chamber
  • Frames will be hand textured by Hilton, with one medium backstrap matched to the frame
  • Test fire and sight in minimum 50 rounds with Atlanta Arms match ammunition and mixed ball/JHP








Please note that we do not accept customer guns for work.  If you are interested in the custom machining, parts, or texturing, please visit our affiliated vendors:


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