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M&P Mag Wells and Sights, some thoughts


Our M&P rear sights and M&P mag well are some of our top selling items, but we are fully aware that some customers do not have the same experience with them as others. We stand by our designs, and prefer not to point fingers or cast blame, but we are of course at the mercy of dimensional changes or inconsistencies in M&P production.

Our rear sight dimensions are very consistent from part to part, and have been on the same blueprint for several years. When we used to customize M&Ps and had a number of different guns come through the office for other projects, it was common for our sights to fit differently in each gun. The same sight could be somewhat loose in one slide, and too tight to even start in another. Current production guns have the smallest dovetails that we have yet seen on the M&P, and some customers find that our rear sight takes a bit of fitting. We have been asked why we have not reduced the dovetail to eliminate the fitting. We could certainly optimize our dovetail size for the 2014-15 production guns, but this would mean that our sights would end up being loose in most guns produced from 2005-2013. A loose sight is much harder to correct.

Our magazine wells are also dependent on certain critical dimensions on the M&P frame, and a slight variance in the distance between the takedown tool hole and the magazine well will affect how magazines fit in the funnel. It is possible to sand/grind/file the funnels to clear the interference created from dimensional variations, but if you do not wish to do so, please contact us and we will help troubleshoot your problem.

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